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A Masonic Invocation for 50 Years of Service

GAOTU, your children are gathering today for the noble purpose of giving tribute to our brother mason, the Worshipful Leonardo de Castro. Bro. Leo spent 50 years of humble, enthusiastic, and honest service to You, to the brotherhood, and to humanity. He is really a man of God who exercises the brotherly love, relief and truth.

May his life be a paradigm to all of us who are aiming and struggling to be better men. May your omnipotence, and omniscience be with him and his family always.

As we celebrate the 50 years of membership of Worshipful De Castro, guide us and show us the meaning of this wonderful celebration.

And now we lift up to you our food that we are going to partake this evening. May your loving grace and spirit be with us, as we fellowship with one another. May your blessings be upon those who contributed in one way or another to make this affair a victorious one.

Hear our prayers, in the name of the most powerful of all, the Ground of Being. Amen.

(A prayer delivered before the guests and members of the ALTP 614 Lodge in Los Angeles, CA on Feb 26, 2011 during the celebration of  his birthday and 50 years Masonic service of the Worshipful Brother Leo de Castro. Lifted from Got Thoughts?)

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